23rd August 2021

Why is training in the construction industry so important?

Construction Training

It’s fair to say that without training and ongoing upskilling support, construction sites would grind to a halt.

Every role on a construction site requires a specific level of training, competency, experience, and knowledge.

The construction industry is, by its very nature, delivered in a high- risk environment. From highways and railways to working with plant, groundworks, and unfamiliar third parties, there are plenty of ‘moving parts’ to take into consideration on every project.

Not only does training support your team to deliver their work to a high standard for your clients, it also ensures people are made aware of risks and the safest ways to conduct those activities.

At Van Elle’s dedicated Training & Assessment Centre, we’ve seen what training our team can do for our business and our clients. From establishing training strategies, to delivering training and associated testing, we’ve helped our clients develop the skills of their workforce since we opened our doors in 2017.

Here are our top five benefits of providing training to employees in the construction industry:

1) Improved safety for all

Everyone would agree, an informed workforce is a safer workforce. Knowing the correct procedures to follow and receiving the right training for specific tasks and equipment, helps ensures employees can look after their own and colleague’s safety.

2) Developed employee expertise

As your people are trained, their knowledge and experience will grow, meaning they are able to deliver higher-quality work safely as they progress through their career. It can help them progress and achieve promotions and help you be successful in future bids.

3) Employee retention and growth

Employees who feel truly valued through nurturing and relevant training, perform better and are more engaged with the business and its goals as a result.

4) Consistency in delivery

Creating consistency within organisations can be a challenge, training helps to establish best practice and get everyone on the same page. By attending the same training, everyone should be aware of the part their role plays in specific activities – which is particularly important in dangerous, hazardous situations.

5) Happier clients

Whether you’re working with a client for the first time or have a long-established relationship with them, being able to offer additional services, thanks to your trained workforce, can lead to more diverse projects and work winning.
If you’re reviewing your training requirements and need a supplier or partner to give you high quality, cost effective training, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.