Grants & Funding

Grants and Funding

Being part of the construction industry allows you to access different funding allocations, grant schemes and contributions to your training provision.

There is a huge investment programme to support the development and nurturing of the right talent, based on forecasted labour force skills requirements.

We are always happy to support with questions on funding options, levy requirements, and grant claims. Just call or email and we'll be happy to help.

CITB Grants Scheme

The CITB Grants Scheme provides grants for employers in the construction industry who provide day to day training for their workforce. The scheme helps to maintain standards on construction sites and to ensure the right skills are available for the industry to grow.

The CITB grants contribute to the cost of training and qualifying your workforce in construction-related subjects across the following three categories:

  • Short course grants
  • Qualification grants
  • Apprenticeships grants

Grants for Short Courses

The CITB short duration grants are given on achievement of courses which are a minimum of three hours. The goal of the grant is to help improve the core construction skills that are needed throughout industry. You need to be registered with CITB and meet their grants terms and conditions to be able to claim.

The amount you can claim depends on the course, longer courses are eligible for a larger grant, they are split into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 – £30
  • Tier 2 – £70
  • Tier 3 – £120

The grant for each course is only once per candidate per lifetime, unless the course has a refresher scheme (the grant is around half of the full course).

We are a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) which means when you book with us, we will claim the grant for you on completion of the training.

Here's a link to the CITB webpage, where you can source the most up to date information to make a claim.

CITB Short Course Grants >

Qualification Grants

Qualifications grants are determined by the length of course, short period and long period.

Short period, less than one year, and vocational qualification grants (VQ) grants are paid for the achievement of approved short-period qualifications.

Longer period qualification grants (which take more than one year to complete) are for attending and achieving approved, higher-level qualifications.

Grants are claimed after receipt of certification from the providing awarding body and submitted to CITB along with a claim template.

Here’s a link to the CITB webpage, where you can find up to date information to make a claim.

CITB Qualifications Grants >

Apprenticeships Grants

Apprentices are vital to your business ensuring that you have the skilled workers you need to meet the demand for new homes, new infrastructure and preparing for the changes a low carbon economy will bring.

The grant for Apprenticeships covers:

  • Off-the-job attendance with an approved Apprenticeship provider
  • Achievement of an Apprenticeship

Attendance grants are payable up to the apprentice’s last date in learning or the typical duration of the standard, whichever is earlier. You can apply for grants for directly employed individuals only.

Here’s a link to the CITB webpage, where you can source the most up to date information on apprenticeship grants.

Apprenticeship grants - CITB >


CITB provide funding for specific projects relating to careers, innovation, and training. If you can provide them with a plan for your training needs, or you have an idea for a project to improve performance for your employees or the industry, you may be entitled to help through their funds:

  • Skills and Training Fund - Up to £10K for skills and training for small- or micro-sized employers and up to £25k for medium-sized employers.
  • Leadership and management development fund - Funds available for large construction employers (with more than 250 directly employed staff) to improve leadership and management skills.

Here’s a link to the CITB webpage, where you can see the most up to date information on what funding is available.

Apprenticeship grants - CITB >

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